Monday, December 12, 2016

Set Review: 42036 Street Motorcycle
      Set 42036 is a nice, medium-sized set with basic functions, such as working pistons and suspension. It is a fairly good model, with nice blue panels and cool wheels (though I am not sure what to use them for). The kickstand works too and the flex axles are a nice touch. Video and link below:

MOC Spotlight: Nico71's Black Sedan (Now Orange)
      I am super impressed by this MOC by one of my favorite master builders, Nico71. He put a lot of detail in a small, compact car. I built this with my own pieces, but his original model was black and lime green. I absolutely love his MOC and hope he makes more similar to it. (Nico71's design, not mine) Video and link down below:

Set Review: 42057 Ultralight Helicopter
      This is my first set review, so here goes: The Ultralight Helicopter is a small, yet functional build. New part: 1x1 beam with two 1L axles. Part in new color: 5x3 bent panel in Dark Bluish Grey. When the rotor is turned, the pistons in the engine move up and down and the rear propeller spins. A lever at the side controls the rudder. Video for computers down below. Link for mobile devices here: 42057

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Two-gear Car Chassis
      This is my two-gear car chassis, which uses a nonlinear, synchronized transmission. There is a white switch at the top that changes gears. This is also my first MOC on Rebrickable, a LEGO website where you can post your MOCs. The cool thing about it is that every MOC has instructions! Link down below to the Rebrickable homepage and my MOC.
Here is also a link to the video to this MOC: (I started using Youtube for mobile use)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Ordinary Car

      This is another LEGO car, and it looks very ordinary... It is one of the most basic cars I have ever made. L motor for drive, Servo for steering, blah blah blah. I did get a new part in to use as a replacement for the servo motor. It is a hockey spring from the 2003 NHL hockey sets. It can be attached onto an M motor and it will act like a servo. I will use it in future builds. More photos:

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Super Roadster
      I am so happy that this is finished! It is my first car with two L motors, my first car with a chain transferring drive, and my first car with an oder differential variant! I love the bodywork on this car, including the Dino-2010 style windshield. It uses a servo motor for steering and two L motors for drive. It uses the second differential variant (from 8880), which took exactly seven tries to work. It was super fun to build and my best design yet. The front just went very smooth when it came to the body paneling. I did have to use a technic frame piece, which I am running out of and looks kind of strange. The back could use a little improvement, but it is okay. Overall, it is a little slow, but is my favorite car so far!
      P.S. Please comment below! I really would like some advice of the pros and cons of my models! I also might be getting an Sbrick Plus soon! Yay! I will also get back with the RC race buggy cars. I currently failed at making a Baja Trophy Truck, but there's always a next time!
Photos and video down below:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Street Scorcher

      I have built another car - with chassis instructions! Sorry it took a while- the video was hard to work with. This car has superb rear suspension that I have been struggling with for a while. It uses a PF L mother and PF servo motor, as usual. I used the panels from two sets- the Display Team Jet and the Fire Plane. The body wasn't the best but the chassis was very nice. I like the rear tail lights and the front bumper. I have added a video and instructions below. Note on the instructions: there are no flex axles or panels on it besides the front bumper edges. I would also like to note that I am sorry that the videos don't work on IOS devices, and that I will try to fix that in the future.
Instructions can be found here. (Warning, they are a little faulty.)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Front Steerable Suspension plus Instructions!
      I built and tested this front steerable suspension on an old RC Lego car and it worked well. I decided to create instructions (in LDD) so other people could build it! There are some problems with the instructions but they should be easy to figure out (they should be solved one or two steps later). There are some extra parts required that either are not in LDD or wouldn't work well. I have images and the building instructions video below (Sorry, no music this time).

I have to add some picture instructions too but first you should add the 1 by 7 steering rack between steps 18 and 19 upside down on the small black double bevel gear near the front of the model. Also insert 2 by 4 steering arms with four ball joints (As shown in picture 2 with wheels and in greater detail on the last picture) in between the dark gray suspension arms. Here are the picture instructions.

Add the T-bar with a little force and it will fit.

Add ball joint bars on the ball joint pins on the back of the sub assembly.

Push blue 3-stud pin end into pin holes on 1 by 7 steering rack.

 Push ball joint bars on 4 by 2 steering arms.
Congratulations! The model is complete.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Two-Gear Automatic Shifting Car
      I built this car out of my recently expanded Technic collection including two new M motors (which only one is used in this creation,) and various panels, beams, and axles. My bins are almost full! This RC car uses a Servo motor for steering and an L motor for drive (as usual.) This is my first creation which utilizes two IR receivers and two IR remotes. This car also uses a similar but much more compact version of my previous gearbox in an older post. The car would have doubled in size if I had used the old gearbox! I am thinking of the possibility of rubber brakes on future cars, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. The bodywork on this car is weird, but I don't really care about it on this model. I have included more pictures below (Sorry that I have been slacking on the videos, but I promise you that there will be one soon!)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Speedy Supercar

      I built this small car out of the parts of a recent failure, but this one turned out great! I am happy with the bodywork and the compact but fast chassis. It uses the Power Functions system with an L motor for drive and a servo motor for steering. The silver paneling is from the Supersonic RC set, which is how I got my RC Race Buggy motors. I ordered some parts off Bricklink, an online Lego store for this car. I included photos down below.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Two-Gear Automatic Gearbox

      This is my first motor-controlled shifting gearbox that can be properly hooked up to an IR receiver. It has a fast and a slow gear. One of the main problems is that it is very bulky and big. A small problem is that the switch can slip out of place sometimes. Otherwise, it works great. It took a long time to make. I am currently building an Rc car using the RC Race Buggy system. Picture of gearbox down below:

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Project A1: Crazy Cruiser
      This is the car that I showed the back half of on a previous post. It took a while because I had to order some pieces online. The front half has Servo steering and independent suspension thanks to a special steering rack that is 2.4 studs wide. The back half has four-link independent suspension and is driven by an L motor. It is not as fast as I hoped, but still works well. I went crazy on the paneling so much that it almost doesn't look like a car anymore. There are pictures and a video down below.
*Note* The videos I take use Adobe Flash, which doesn't work on most mobile devices.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Epic Racing Van
      I built this racing van using the LEGO RC Race Buggy system, which makes it special. It is the fastest LEGO RC system ever made, and has been retired for a while. The van uses two RC race buggy motors for propulsion and a RC race buggy steering system for steering. The bodywork is removable by two connections. The hood can open up so that you can maintenance the steering system if it is broken. It has front independent suspension for cement racing. I have included a video along with some pictures down below:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Project A1 To Be Announced
      I am currently making a fast car with incredible suspension and excellent steering. I am almost done with the back half and can't wait to post it! Here's a glimpse of the back half:

Offroad Torque Chassis

Offroad Torque Chassis

      This is my first Lego RC car I made that can shift between two gears manually. I did not make it automatic for fear of the shift stick popping out.  It took me three tries to make it work without the gears flying everywhere. It is driven by an XL motor and steered with a servo motor. It has full and soft independent suspension. It has a gear for high torque and low speed and a gear for higher speed and less torque. The ground clearance is a good height. There is a video down below.
*Note* The car in the video has been modified a tiny bit, does not affect anything.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Offroad Cruiser

          This is one of my first blog posts on my new blog. I made a Lego technic RC car out of my brick collection. It looks somewhat like a VW Beetle, but with a Jeep front end. It didn't take me very long to make because it doesn't require many internal beams and gears. It is powered by an L motor and uses a Servo motor for return-to-center steering. Most of the parts were from the lego set 42050. It is pretty fast, but not as fast as the old lego race buggy sets, which I plan to use in future blog posts.  If the steering gets damaged or the battery runs out, they are easily accessible.