Thursday, September 8, 2016

Front Steerable Suspension plus Instructions!
      I built and tested this front steerable suspension on an old RC Lego car and it worked well. I decided to create instructions (in LDD) so other people could build it! There are some problems with the instructions but they should be easy to figure out (they should be solved one or two steps later). There are some extra parts required that either are not in LDD or wouldn't work well. I have images and the building instructions video below (Sorry, no music this time).

I have to add some picture instructions too but first you should add the 1 by 7 steering rack between steps 18 and 19 upside down on the small black double bevel gear near the front of the model. Also insert 2 by 4 steering arms with four ball joints (As shown in picture 2 with wheels and in greater detail on the last picture) in between the dark gray suspension arms. Here are the picture instructions.

Add the T-bar with a little force and it will fit.

Add ball joint bars on the ball joint pins on the back of the sub assembly.

Push blue 3-stud pin end into pin holes on 1 by 7 steering rack.

 Push ball joint bars on 4 by 2 steering arms.
Congratulations! The model is complete.

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