Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MOC Spotlight: Ximos Mini Race Car by LXF

      This epic MOC was created by LXF, one of my favorite builders on Eurobricks. The car uses two M motors for drive and another M motor for return-to-center steering. It originally used a BuWizz (get one here), but I managed to cram a LiPo and V2 receiver in the back. My favorite aspect of the car is that it is so tiny! It is much smaller than most RC cars, maybe about 1/27 scale. It is an extremely clever build, with a lot of detail! The original model was grey, but I built it in black. Here is a link to the forum topic and instructions: Car


Friday, June 16, 2017

Set Review: Volvo EW160E!

      Hi! It's been a while since my last set review, so here is my take on the Volvo EW160E! With a rotating and extending cabin, new pneumatics, and outriggers, this set is packed with functions! Here is a link to the Rebrickable inventory: Inv.
Note: This was recorded before my new equipment, sorry for the bad shots.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trophy Truck Mk. II

      It's finally here! One of the biggest MOCs I have made and one of the fastest! I tried out a bunch of bodywork solutions and I find this one to be the best. In a previous post, I mentioned buying Unimog tires, which I used on this model. The truck is powered by two RC Race Buggy motors, an RC unit, and an RC steering/suspension piece. The back has a winch to pull other lighter vehicles. I recently purchased some equipment for video recording, so the video quality may have improved a bit (at the time of recording, my tripod hadn't arrived yet). You can see this at Bricks by the Bay, this coming August. Here are the instructions (Rebrickable link coming soon!): Instructions
Here are some more photos and the video: 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Update on Builds

      I've been busy with a range of things, so I haven't had time to make anything new in a while. Here's a little update on things:
New MOC coming! Trophy Truck Mk. II
New set reviews! Volvo EW160E and Hauler (8264) are in the processing stage. 8880 is in the completed build, but no footage state. I just acquired a Williams F1 in desperate need of restoration, I have ordered stickers and parts.
Another MOC on the way! I am not sure what to call this, but it is looking like an SUV so far. Here are some pictures:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Car System: Chassis and Body Types!

      My new car system is fully compatible with each other and will be updated! There are two chassis types: Manual and RC. There are also two current body types A and B. Based on recent feedback, Body B is the best body currently available. Instructions below.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Parts!

More Parts!

      I acquired a ton of new parts and rare colors at a meeting! Some include a new Servo motor (yay!), a Spybotics module and remote (even more yay!) pearl light grey beams, orange Porsche panels, many cross blocks, an L motor, black bushes, black frictionless axle pins, and a whole set! The set is 8264 Hauler and is very cool! I will do a review on it soon.  Here is a link!
MOC Spotlight: Compact CUV
      This remarkable MOC was made by Madoca1977, one of my favorite builders. It is driven by two L motors and steered by a Servo motor. It has working front lights and locking doors. It also has an opening trunk and opening hood with a fake V8. Here is a video and a link to the Rebrickable page.