Monday, August 13, 2018

MOC: R-F Racer
      Here is a small MOC: R-F Racer. It is a small futuristic car with HoG steering and a working one cylinder engine. I took this as an opportunity to use a lot of rare parts :P I also used the wheels from the London Bus set because they were a perfect fit on the car.
Rebrickable: R-F Racer

More cars to come!
-Technic RC Racer

Thursday, May 10, 2018

MOC Spotlight: Audi Rally Car by T Lego

      Hello! Today I present T Lego's awesome RC Audi Rally Car! It has full independent suspension and is very fast! The panel work on the outside is very clean and the chassis design and wire placement is well-executed! It is powered by one Buwizz brick and is driven by a LEGO RC Buggy motor. It uses a LEGO servo motor for steering. Currently, I am making digital instructions for T Lego, but some photo images exist on the Rebrickable page (link below). 
Rebrickable: Audi Rally Car
Eurobricks Forum page: Audi Rally Car
More images and video:

Monday, April 9, 2018

Workshop Updates
      Progress on two projects I have been working on for a while! The red supercar pictured above is part of Project Supercar X, an unnamed supercar to finish by July. It is fully manual and absolutely huge! Eurobricks discussion: Supercar X
More pictures:

Next project: Offload SUV:

      The other project is an offload SUV. It is RC with a buggy motor and a servo for steering. It is very fast! Hopefully also finished by July. This car is tons of fun!

New Sets/Pieces:

      New sets:
42078 Mack Anthem:
An awesome set! Large truck with container loading arms at the back. Lots of new Dark Bluish Gray pieces. 

Meh, two Black Panther sets. Nothing important.

8 pound bag of Bionicle and other LEGO:
Very good deal! Had rare pieces from sets like Viking Fortress against the Fanfir Dragon and Battle of Metru Nui. Truants-red dragon wings and black half-bushes! Lots of rare pieces! Awesome deal! 

Misc. bricks and Harry Potter:
Nice pieces! Rare Harry Potter pieces mixed in. Also some blue Technic. 

That's about it for now, stay tuned!

-Technic RC Racer

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

MOC Spotlight: 4x4 Desert Off-Roader

      This amazing off-roader was made by LXF, now known as Xewyz2001 on Eurobricks. Earlier, I have also posted is well-built Ximos race car, and it is great to see him back at it again with this car! It uses one buggy motor, which is placed vertical at the rear, and an M-motor with hockey spring for return-to-center steering. It has full independent suspension on all wheels, which is amazing for its size! Its has many details, like a light bar and harnesses on the seats. It uses a BuWizz brick for power (link HERE), but it can be substituted for a PF Rechargeable Battery and a receiver. I have created instructions for this cool model here:
More photos and video:

Monday, November 13, 2017

MOC: Lil' Speedster

      I'm back with a tiny but functional car! It has HoG steering, front and rear suspension, and a little two-cylinder engine in the front! My favorite parts are the headlights because of the rare trans-clear connectors I used for them. I tried something new with the instructions, and made them in PDF format. Please let me know if you like them better!
Instructions + LXF file: Instructions
Rebrickable: Lil' Speedster
More photos:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

MOC: Night Racer

     My latest MOC, Night Racer! It features opening doors, opening hood, and a buggy motor for speed! It has pop-up headlights and can drift with electrical tape on the tires. It steers with an M-Motor with part x928cx1 Hockey Spring attached for return-to-center steering. The buggy motor is attached to a V1 receiver and a LiPo battery from It goes very fast!
Rebrickable link: Night Racer
Instructions: Instructions
More photos:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Pullbacks: Series 1

      The Pullbacks series is here! With four cars and a lot of speed, these cars can really jump off ramps! Form Left to right: Fast Rod, Arctic Speeder, Mad Buggy, and Future Car! Check this out on Eurobricks: Pullbacks 1
Check out my new Mini-Z RC car mod store! MAKR-Z RC
More photos: