Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Desert Buggy

Desert Buggy
      This small buggy uses an M motor with a hockey spring for steering instead of a servo motor. It also features front compact steering and suspension (using a rare gear rack though). I especially like how the back panels are at an angle. It also has a two-cylinder dummy engine in the rear.
Instructions here:
Check it out!
Video here:
More set reviews coming soon!

Trophy Truck With Sbrick+

Trophy Truck With Sbrick+

      I used my new Sbrick+ for this model. It is my biggest RC car to date! It uses a Buggy motor for drive and a Servo motor for steering. It has front independent suspension and rear soft suspension. It is pretty fast! Instructions Here:
Check it out here:
Here is the video:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Small Lego Order Has Arrived!

My (small) Lego Order is Here!
      Not too long ago, I ordered some parts that are used commonly but I did not have. They arrived about a day ago (1/19/170) and I am very happy. These are the parts I ordered: 4x Tire 94.3X38R (hubs did not come with the order), 2x Axle 11 Yellow, 1x Panel 1 Black, 1x Panel 2 Black, 4x 5L Suspension Arm, and 6x Engine Block Green. I am planning to use the tires very frequently. Also, I have two MOCs that are currently waiting to have instructions and to be posted! (Hint: one is a buggy-type thing)

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Speedy Sedan

Speedy Sedan and an Sbrick+!

      Finally! I was on vacation for a while and it took a while to build and redo parts of this. It has a servo motor for steering and an L motor for drive. Anyway, right after I built this my new Sbrick+ arrived! I have had problems with my RC Buggy motor with a PF battery box, but that has been solved with the Sbrick. I have finished a Trophy Truck with it that will be posted soon. I now have a Eurobricks account also. Here is a link to the instructions and pictures and a video are below.