Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Project A1: Crazy Cruiser
      This is the car that I showed the back half of on a previous post. It took a while because I had to order some pieces online. The front half has Servo steering and independent suspension thanks to a special steering rack that is 2.4 studs wide. The back half has four-link independent suspension and is driven by an L motor. It is not as fast as I hoped, but still works well. I went crazy on the paneling so much that it almost doesn't look like a car anymore. There are pictures and a video down below.
*Note* The videos I take use Adobe Flash, which doesn't work on most mobile devices.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Epic Racing Van
      I built this racing van using the LEGO RC Race Buggy system, which makes it special. It is the fastest LEGO RC system ever made, and has been retired for a while. The van uses two RC race buggy motors for propulsion and a RC race buggy steering system for steering. The bodywork is removable by two connections. The hood can open up so that you can maintenance the steering system if it is broken. It has front independent suspension for cement racing. I have included a video along with some pictures down below:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Project A1 To Be Announced
      I am currently making a fast car with incredible suspension and excellent steering. I am almost done with the back half and can't wait to post it! Here's a glimpse of the back half:

Offroad Torque Chassis

Offroad Torque Chassis

      This is my first Lego RC car I made that can shift between two gears manually. I did not make it automatic for fear of the shift stick popping out.  It took me three tries to make it work without the gears flying everywhere. It is driven by an XL motor and steered with a servo motor. It has full and soft independent suspension. It has a gear for high torque and low speed and a gear for higher speed and less torque. The ground clearance is a good height. There is a video down below.
*Note* The car in the video has been modified a tiny bit, does not affect anything.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Offroad Cruiser

          This is one of my first blog posts on my new blog. I made a Lego technic RC car out of my brick collection. It looks somewhat like a VW Beetle, but with a Jeep front end. It didn't take me very long to make because it doesn't require many internal beams and gears. It is powered by an L motor and uses a Servo motor for return-to-center steering. Most of the parts were from the lego set 42050. It is pretty fast, but not as fast as the old lego race buggy sets, which I plan to use in future blog posts.  If the steering gets damaged or the battery runs out, they are easily accessible.