Monday, December 12, 2016

Set Review: 42036 Street Motorcycle
      Set 42036 is a nice, medium-sized set with basic functions, such as working pistons and suspension. It is a fairly good model, with nice blue panels and cool wheels (though I am not sure what to use them for). The kickstand works too and the flex axles are a nice touch. Video and link below:

MOC Spotlight: Nico71's Black Sedan (Now Orange)
      I am super impressed by this MOC by one of my favorite master builders, Nico71. He put a lot of detail in a small, compact car. I built this with my own pieces, but his original model was black and lime green. I absolutely love his MOC and hope he makes more similar to it. (Nico71's design, not mine) Video and link down below:

Set Review: 42057 Ultralight Helicopter
      This is my first set review, so here goes: The Ultralight Helicopter is a small, yet functional build. New part: 1x1 beam with two 1L axles. Part in new color: 5x3 bent panel in Dark Bluish Grey. When the rotor is turned, the pistons in the engine move up and down and the rear propeller spins. A lever at the side controls the rudder. Video for computers down below. Link for mobile devices here: 42057

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Two-gear Car Chassis
      This is my two-gear car chassis, which uses a nonlinear, synchronized transmission. There is a white switch at the top that changes gears. This is also my first MOC on Rebrickable, a LEGO website where you can post your MOCs. The cool thing about it is that every MOC has instructions! Link down below to the Rebrickable homepage and my MOC.
Here is also a link to the video to this MOC: (I started using Youtube for mobile use)