Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Street Scorcher

      I have built another car - with chassis instructions! Sorry it took a while- the video was hard to work with. This car has superb rear suspension that I have been struggling with for a while. It uses a PF L mother and PF servo motor, as usual. I used the panels from two sets- the Display Team Jet and the Fire Plane. The body wasn't the best but the chassis was very nice. I like the rear tail lights and the front bumper. I have added a video and instructions below. Note on the instructions: there are no flex axles or panels on it besides the front bumper edges. I would also like to note that I am sorry that the videos don't work on IOS devices, and that I will try to fix that in the future.
Instructions can be found here. (Warning, they are a little faulty.)

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