Saturday, October 29, 2016

Super Roadster
      I am so happy that this is finished! It is my first car with two L motors, my first car with a chain transferring drive, and my first car with an oder differential variant! I love the bodywork on this car, including the Dino-2010 style windshield. It uses a servo motor for steering and two L motors for drive. It uses the second differential variant (from 8880), which took exactly seven tries to work. It was super fun to build and my best design yet. The front just went very smooth when it came to the body paneling. I did have to use a technic frame piece, which I am running out of and looks kind of strange. The back could use a little improvement, but it is okay. Overall, it is a little slow, but is my favorite car so far!
      P.S. Please comment below! I really would like some advice of the pros and cons of my models! I also might be getting an Sbrick Plus soon! Yay! I will also get back with the RC race buggy cars. I currently failed at making a Baja Trophy Truck, but there's always a next time!
Photos and video down below:

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